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Listserv User Guide

Getting Started

  • The email for the AAPPN Listserv group is To post a message, simply send an email to it. The listserv group will automatically send the email to all members in the group. You can format your listserv message just like any other email. You can even attach a file.
  • You can reply individually to the person who posted the message, or choose “reply all” to send your response to the entire listserv.

You’re a current AAPPN member, but not receiving listserv messages?

Contact Chris Crosser at or 360-734-3166 for help.

Before you send your first message

As professionals, we all understand the need for etiquette and boundaries around use of the listserv. In order to promote an open dialogue, AAPPN will not actively monitor the site for inappropriate postings. We believe this service can be self-regulating by our members, but we do urge you to contact the AAPPN office if you have concerns about the use of the listserv. Before posting your first message, please read our participation policy, etiquette guidelines, and acceptable use policy.

Using the online archive

Past messages are stored in an online archive. You don’t need a password to search the listserv archive or to read past messages.

Updating your listserv information

In the footer of each listserv message, there is a link you can use to change your email address, “go on vacation” which temporarily suspends listserv messages, unsubscribe from the listserv, or switch to receiving the digest version.

Have more questions?

If you have any questions or need any assistance with our listserv, please contact Chris Crosser at or 360-734-3166.