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In-district meetings this summer and fall

As you know, advocating for the profession with our state representatives is perhaps the most critical role AAPPN plays in supporting your practice. This summer and fall, we’d like to ask for your help in this important work … and you don’t even have to go to Olympia!

Legislators are in their home districts for the next couple of months. This is a unique opportunity to meet your representative and let them know about your work.

It’s simple. We just ask that you go to your legislator’s office and tell him why your work is important. You don’t need to know about any bills, or take a stand on an issue if you don’t wish to. Our goal is to help legislators understand the importance of our profession, and the work we do to improve mental health in our communities.

“In-district” visits can be a backbone for AAPPN’s work during the legislative session. When our volunteers or lobbyist talk to a legislator about a bill, they can reflect back on what they learned from you about the profession.

Please consider taking a half hour for this important work. Download the step-by-step instructions on how to contact your legislator’s office, make the appointment, and prepare for the meeting. You can also download and print out the AAPPN handout to give to the legislator and his staff. This handout will help legislators understand they can contact us about issues that arise during the legislative session.

AAPPN is only as strong as our members. You have worked hard to build your career. Let’s let your representative know how important your work is in your community.

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