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AAPPN’s Health Policy/Government Relations Committee identified the following as its priorities for the 2018 legislative session:

  • Continue to improve communication between AAPPN’s advocacy team and AAPPN members.
  • Connect with other mental health care associations
  • Encourage AAPPN members to meet in-district with their legislators during recesses

AAPPN’s primary advocacy priority for 2018 is to find resolution regarding the potential impact of the Volk decision. No doubt you know the basics: Volk substantially changed our duty to protect and warn in Washington with respect to outpatient mental health care.

Along side other mental health provider organizations, AAPPN is working with legislators to provide information and explore options to find a resolution. And while we’d all love to see resolution on Volk this year, it’s often a slow process. The value of educating legislators and advocating for a sensible solution can take time. But if we keep our “eyes on the prize,” we can build momentum for future success.

To learn more, download a copy of the University of Washington School of Law’s presentation summarizing the results of the their recent study on the Volk decision.

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