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Fall Medical Conference

Washington Academy of Pain Management


We are excited to present the debut of the Annual Washington Academy of Pain Management (WAPM) Conference on September 14, 2019, at the Brightwater Conference Center in Woodinville. We would like to extend an open invitation to all providers and associates involved in the treatment of chronic pain patients. The academy is offering free admission to all medical and nursing students including residents, fellows and nurse practitioner students. 

WAPM is a professional association of healthcare providers formed in 2007 and dedicated to the personal study of new treatments and the increasingly nuanced use of time-tested interventions. Members of WAPM believe in the power of provider collaboration and the steady progress of science and technology. We hope to educate interested parties in the community about opportunities to improve the lives of patients with chronic pain and their families.

This conference aims to decrease the use and prescription of opioids and improve pain management practices in Washington through the presentation of new advances in pain management science and treatment. Topics discussed include: the use of ketamine for pain and depression, sickness behavior, sleep medicine in chronic pain, and suicide associated with chronic pain. This is a Category I CME event. To learn more and register to attend, visit the WAPM website.