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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Seattle Counseling Service


Seattle Counseling Service (www.seattlecounseling.org) is a community resource that advocates, educates and serves to advance the social well-being and mental health of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. SCS is looking for a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who will be responsible for assuring that all agency clients, receive appropriate evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.


* Participate in the development, approval and review of all policies, procedures and protocols that govern clinical care.

* Assist Medical Director in ensuring the availability of adequate psychiatric staffing to provide clinical, medical, administrative leadership, and clinical care throughout the system.

* Assist all clinical staff receive appropriate clinical supervision, staff development, and in-service training.

* Participate with agency directors in making liaisons with private and public payors, in particular with Medical Director.

* Assure the quality of treatment and related services provided by the system’s professional staff, through participation (directly or by designee) in the system’s ongoing quality assurance and audit processes.

* Provide oversight to ensure appropriate continuum of programs, level of care criteria, standards of practice and psychiatric supervision for each program.

* Provide clinical supervision and consultation to staff, individually (as appropriate) and in team meetings.

* Participate in team, team leads, ITC and staff meetings as determined appropriate with Executive or Associate Director.

* Provide off hours pager/cell phone coverage as appropriate

* Participate in providing constructive feedback to other employees

* Provide direct psychiatric services.

* Assure that all clients receive appropriate evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and medical intake/care as indicated.

* Participate in quality improvement and assurance efforts as appropriate.

* Seek clinical consultation as needed to insure quality of care.

* Notify appropriate personnel of routine and emergent client information.

* Participate in case consultations.

* Provide appropriate coordination/referral and direct service (in-house and out of facility) as appropriate to client’s care.

* Document all client contacts and pertinent information according to agency policy, by stated appropriate deadlines.

* Complete all psychiatric assessments/reviews according to policy.

* Maintain required case-load and direct service productivity as stipulated in agency policy.


* Proper education, training and licensure (ABPN certified) to perform as a Physician or Nurse Practitioner.

* Willingness to provide quality clinical supervision to clinicians within a team environment

* Experience working effectively within teams

* Demonstrated leadership ability

* Demonstrated experience within a community mental health facility

* Demonstrated knowledge of sexual minority, cross-cultural, chemical dependency issues

* Ability to complete assigned tasks, accept responsibility and meet all WAC and funding requirements for appropriate client supervision and treatment

Schedule: Full-Time, 40 hours/week

Salary: Depends on experience.

Benefits: Generous sick time, vacation time, holiday leave, medical, dental and vision plans, 401K with 3% employer match.

How To Apply

To Apply: Send cover letter and resume to hiring@seattlecounseling.org. No calls.