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Talented Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Also Considering Talented Student NP for Mentorship Program

Innovative Mental Health and Pain Care


Innovative Mental Health and Pain Care began 3 years ago to break away from the current corporate health and behavioral health models that constrain us as providers. We are now looking to extend our successes to other providers who want to be innovators in their field and be the directors of their own destiny. You will not have every minute of your day scheduled and you decide how long your visits will be. Make your own schedule and we do the rest.

Provide evaluation, therapy, medication management, follow-up and consultation to patients and their families. We focus on mental health and pain problems, but would also like providers with a special interest in addiction/substance use disorders, pain management, and other issues that can contribute to mental disorders and pain, such as (but not limited to) hormone imbalances, weight gain, and sleep apnea. If you believe that you can help the clients we serve, please consider joining us.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Manage an ongoing caseload of patients on medication and/or in therapy.
  • Innovation is encouraged. Do you have a great idea that you believe would benefit clients? We would like to work with you to develop that idea.
  • Participate in collaboration with other providers at monthly meetings designed to provide support for providers when needed.
  • Provide documentation in a complete, accurate, and timely manner.
  • Be included in TMS training that will be coming soon.

How To Apply

For be considered for employment, contract position, or mentorship program, please email admin@innovativenp.com or call Mike Tefft at 253-358-3143. We would love to talk to talented psychiatric nurse practitioners or psychiatric nurse practitioner students who are graduating in the next term.