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Update Your Directory Profile

As you may know, AAPPN provides two, online directories for its members.

  • The “Find a Psychiatric NP” directory is searchable, public referral directory made available to the general public. Listings include contact information for your practice, as well as a description of your practice, the issues you treat, and the modalities you use. If you wish to be listed in this public directory, please make sure your Directory publish setting is set to Public Referral Directory.
  • The AAPPN member-to-member directory is shared exclusively with other AAPPN members. If your Directory publish setting is set to Public Referral Directory, your practice information will automatically be shared on the AAPPN member-to-member directory. If you want to limit your information to just your fellow AAPPN members, set your Directory publish setting to Private.
  • If you don’t want to be listed in either directory, set your Directory publish setting to Unlisted.

Want to review and update your directory information?

  1. You must first log in. Use the purple Login box. If you can’t remember your password or would like to reset it, please download our step-by-step directions.
  2. Then, select the “View My Directory Entry” or “Edit My Directory Entry” in the purple box.
  3. Please do not delete any entry with a “For AAPPN Use” type. This information is used for AAPPN’s mail list. If you delete it, AAPPN will lose your contact information.
  4. Please note: It can take AAPPN 1-2 business days to update your directory entry. During the update process, your directory entry will be hidden from view.

For more detailed instructions:

Need help with any of this? Contact Chris Crosser at or 360-734-3166.