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2019 Legislative Recap Report

Good day fellow AAPPN members and friends!

It was another whirlwind session of the legislature, and I want to thank my fellow Legislative Committee members and volunteers on the Advocacy eGroup for their time and energy working on legislative issues for AAPPN this year. I’m happy that we were able to track so many bills to protect and support our colleagues.
We reviewed 65 bills during the session. We ended up supporting 21 of them, some of which have been passed and signed into law by the Governor. In this process, our lobbyists, Melissa and Jennifer, signed in AAPPN as a supporter, making it clear to legislators that we are working for the profession and our patients. In addition, we submitted comments on a number of bills, and worked with our lobbyists to make changes in substance and wording on a number of bills. For more details, please read the 2019 Legislative Recap Report (PDF).
In addition to reviewing bills, we also conducted our first Lobby Day in many years. Thanks to those who spent the day in Olympia talking with their legislators!  It was a success and I look forward to participating again.
Over the past year we have made great strides as we polished our process of reviewing bills and working with our lobbyists. Our former chair, Melody Bemis, served for two years and worked to improve our communication with the lobbyists while growing our committee. Her efforts have allowed AAPPN to be even more effective in our ability to fight on behalf of advanced psychiatric nurses in our state. Thank you for your amazing leadership, Melody.
Thanks also to Chris, Kirk, and Inga, who have kept this committee organized and on track, and have made my transition into the chair position smooth. We could not have accomplished so much without your help and guidance.
There will be more work for AAPPN this fall as the Legislative Committee prepares for the coming session. I am honored to chair this committee as we move forward.
There’s never been a better time to join the Legislative Committee. I hope you will consider joining me and the other Committee members.  Everyone’s voice at the meetings is valued.
Have a great summer!
Danielle DeOliveira, MSN, ARNP, PMHNP-BC
Chair, AAPPN Legislative Committee